Commentaries by Lynda Swanson


My name is Lynda Swanson and I am a grain farmer in Elnora Alberta Canada. I have done extensive research into domestic support issues over the last several years as well as doing in-depth investigations into the workings of the Canadian Wheat Board. I have written several articles on these subjects that I wish to share them with any interested parties. Most of my information comes from the Public Accounts of Canada, Statistics Canada, Canada’s Notifications to the WTO, CWB Annual Reports and Access to Information material that I have received. The remainder of the material is derived from talking to helpful department heads in Agriculture Canada and various industry leaders.


Canada’s stand on domestic support issues at the WTO is heavily influenced by the supply-managed sectors of agriculture. Supply-management is situated mainly in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario where Canada’s largest voting population resides. Only 10% of the farms in Canada are involved in supply managed agriculture so it is now time for the other 90% of Canada’s agricultural sectors to come forward and mold our agricultural policy into a framework that is agreeable to both national and international interests. Liberalization of agriculture nationally and internationally can only be accomplished by addressing the issues that stand in the way of its progress. These issues are supply-management and the CWB monopoly.